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Thomas/Logiri Sessions - January 1st 2017

It's the first day of 2017 - and here is our first publication of the year. All of the Thomas/Logiri tracks recorded live (at The Be-Bop Club, Bristol) as part of Ben's UK tour with Milan based pianist Davide Logiri.…

Thomas/Logiri Tour - December 17th 2016 - W49Podcast

W49 features a new series of exclusive extras including podcasts, bonus tracks, interviews and films. In the first of these podcasts we take a look back at Ben's tour with Milan based pianist Davide Logiri. Some new live tracks are…

Dog Not Man - Album Release - 1 April 2016

The latest album Dog Not Man by Ben Thomas is now available to buy. Containing 10 original tracks (and 2 new bonus digital tracks), Dog Not Man features all new material by Ben Thomas and musicians Scott Hammond, Trevor Lines,…

Leap Of Faith In Cardiff - 2016

Performing Leap Of Faith at The Globe, Cardiff October 6th, 2016 featuring Ben Thomas (trumpet), Lu Muse (art), Pasquale Votino (double bass) and Paolo Adamo (drums). Photo by Steady Focus Photography, Cardiff.

Performing with Davide Logiri - 2016

Ben Thomas (trumpet), Davide Logiri (piano), Pasquale Votino (double bass) and Paolo Adamo (drums) during the April 2016 UK tour.

At The Silvershine - 2016

At The Silvershine, Birmingham with Ben Thomas (trumpet), Trevor Lines (double bass), Seve Tromans (piano) and Miles Levin (drums). January 2016.