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Thomas & Muse - Live In London 2018 - LIVE VIDEO

Some snippets from a recent Thomas & Muse performance in London.
Thomas & Muse - Live In London - September 2018

Some images from a recent performance at Hundred Years Gallery in London.
Thomas & Muse - Cardiff Images

Some images from an evening of Thomas & Muse in Cardiff.
Thomas & Muse Band - LIVE VIDEO

A new direction for Thomas & Muse featuring full band and performance art. Performing live in Cardiff, August 2018.
Thomas & Muse Band In Cardiff
A taster of some new sounds...
Summer Solstice - NEW VIDEO

Here's a new video filmed on the Summer Solstice (21st June 2018)
Thomas & Muse Ride Again

Thomas & Muse will perform (with The Muses) at Hundred Years Gallery in Hoxton London on 22nd September 2018.
The Bebop Club Images

Some images taken from a recent performance in Bristol featuring Ben Thomas, Lee Goodall, Jim Blomfield, Pasquale Votino and Roberto Nappi.
Southampton Jazz Images

Some images taken from a recent performance in Southampton featuring Ben Thomas, Lee Goodall, Jim Blomfield, Pasquale Votino and Ted Carrasco.

Check out these upcoming performance featuring Ben Thomas/Lee Goodall Quintet:
Sunday May 27th 2018 at Talking Heads Jazz Club, Southampton
Friday 1st June 2018 at The Bebop Jazz Club in Bristol
Exposure Enclosure with Thomas & Muse

Thomas & Muse will perform EXPOSURE ENCLOSURE at Hundred Years Gallery in London on Saturday 28th April (doors open 7.30pm). 
Thomas & Muse is a collaboration between trumpeter Ben Thomas and artist Lucy Muse. Their latest project 'Exposure Enclosure' is an immersive naked performance of music and art which invites the audience to experience proceedings in a clothing-optional environment. 
'Exposure Enclosure' challenges the performers to reveal their inner most creative thoughts and to unleash the power of individuality.  The naked reveal (for the audience) is a matter of personal choice and a conundrum to negotiate once within the artist's arena. 
In pursuit of their creative freedom Thomas & Muse continue to explore their own naked expression. 'Exposure Enclosure' is an opportunity to become a part of this curious endeavour.
Entry - £5
Introducing Thomas & Muse

NEW FOR 2018 - Thomas & Muse perform a naked expression of music and art. Featuring a curious collaboration of trumpet playing and painted imagery, this spontaneous evolution of creative shenanigans weaves a playful path. Headfuck challenges the performers to step outside of familiar settings and embrace the uninhibited unknown.
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