Ben Thomas is an innovative trumpeter and composer producing music, words and pictures showcasing a seamless interplay of music and art. Trumpet playing lies at the heart of Ben's work and manifests in a vibrant explosion of colour and experimental sound.

A restlessly creative soul - Ian Mann (2015)
His latest work sees Ben team-up with visual artist Lucy Muse - they are notoriously known as Thomas & Muse. Naked imagery lies at the heart of their work which features a curious concoction of trumpet playing, scene setting and tall tales.
By the end, both band and artist declined into an entropic chaos, a stream of consciousness both verbal and aural that reflected a fall into a metaphysical madness, creating questions that lasted long after they departed the stage - Kimberley Pennell, Get The Chance (2016) 
An innovative and intriguing evening of visual art and music making - Ian Mann (2015)
Ben's live music features expressive and lyrical trumpet playing featuring his own original compositions and comprising of experienced and talented international musicians.  
Every time I think I've understood you and your music you go and create something completely different yet keeping your sound integral to everything you do - MF Music review (2013) 
Bright and sassy - Chris Parker, Vortex Jazz (2009)  
A contemporary but classic sound - Andy Roberts, BBC Radio Wales (2005)
Ben has a wealth of experience as a performer on stage, TV and radio in a range of musical genres. In 2004 he formed Mosaic - performing at major jazz festivals and producing 2 albums - Equinox in 2004 and Lament in 2008.  
Introspectively tuneful...the band attracted one of the biggest turnouts of the season - Jazz Journal (2017)

Very impressive and creative - Jazz Journal (2004)

Versatile and creative - auspicious is the word to describe an excellent cd - Humphrey Lyttelton, Best Of Jazz, BBC Radio 2 (2005)  
Electrifying trumpeter - Cheltenham Jazz Festival (2006)
The Edge Project was formed in 2008 and brought together an awesome group of musicians, featuring all elements of Ben's work - music, film, art and photography. We All Fall Down drew lyrical influences from fairy tales and was released in 2009. Released in 2011 Dark Scrawls interpreted visual elements of each track using photography. Within This World Within My Mind was released on Christmas Eve in 2013 and continued to develop upon this concept. With each track now accompanied by painted artwork, photography and film, Within This World Within My Mind heralded the formation of a new artistic vision for The Edge Project.  
A story with all the drama and extravagance worthy of a full-blown theatrical production - Steve Harris, Fresh On The Net, Fresh Faves (2013)
The Edge Project concluded in 2015 with Dead Horses And Divorces. Each track was accompanied by original artwork and featured the film Black Box.  
The song writing of great pop - Jamie Cullum, BBC Radio 2 (2013)
Dog Not Man in 2016 and Crimes Of Christian Clay in 2017 featured elements of spoken word, characterisations and theatre alongside Ben's integral trumpet playing (playing the central role). 
Marvel in the rather strange sound - Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales (2016)

More recently (as Thomas & Muse) Ben has released the studio album Cult Of Clay in 2021. 2022 sees Ben team up with Milan based pianist Davide Logiri as part of a new Thomas & Muse project. Winter 2022 saw another new album entitled Scenes Of Winter which reflected a very personal interpretation of the winter season.
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