Vocals: Laura Collins Trumpet, Flugel Horn: Ben Thomas Piano: Tom Greenhalf Double Bass: Erika Lyons Drums: Scott Hammond

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ben Thomas. Design by Ben Thomas and Lucy Muse. Released in 2020.

In the clearing stands a maiden with golden hair,
Looking through the pane
Caged in a fortress, song unsung
Lonely as a skylark, old and young

Gently, she unfolds her locks tumbling down
Freely, on the ground
As they shine like starlight
Burnished gold
Will he see her, as they toll

There’s a prince who’s lost in love with his Queen
How he wants her so
As he climbs the turret, his pulse begins to race
Longing to see her, on his face

Step by step, his hopes arise numbing pain
Pulling on her mane
Glad in his ascension, he springs into her arms
Bony little fingers, he’s fallen for her charms.

In the wood had burned a heart in a sordid frame, barren and alone
When she saw him climbing, she stormed along the path
Casting her enchantment, the trees recoiled her wrath

Oh she loved the child she cared with good intent
Cruelty well meant
Snipping with her scissors, the steel reflects her eyes
Scheming with vengeance, he doesn’t seem surprised…
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